The Horizons Student Enrichment Program at The Harley School is grateful for all contributions, at any level. Those contributions are life-changing for our students and of great value to our community.

The program receives in-kind support from The Harley School community, but relies entirely on contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations for operating funds.

Yes! I want to change the life of a child – Support the Horizons Giving Circles:

Study Circle – Up to $149
Classroom Circle – $150- $399
Program Circle – $400- $1,249
Scholar Circle – $1250- $4,999
Benefactors Circle – $5,000- $9,999
Leadership Circle – $10,000 and Above

Horizons Students come back year after year. Your gift can too. Make an ongoing commitment through the Horizons Child Fund.
Partial Scholarship for One Child: $1000/year
Full Scholarship for One Child: $2000/year
Scholarship for a Class of 15 children: $30,000/year
Or sponsor a specific child for the duration of his/her Horizons experience with a commitment of $2,000/year

Ways in which you can contribute:

Make a gift online or send a check to Horizons at Harley, 1981 Clover St., Rochester, NY 14618.