Donor Roster

List of Donors:

Leadership Circle – $10,000 +
ExxonMobil Foundation
Max and Marian Farash Charitable Foundation
Gleason Family Foundation
Horizons National
Mr. and Mrs. David Marshall
New York State Summer Food Program
Rochester Area Community Foundation
Rochester City School District
United Way of Greater Rochester
Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson Foundation
Mr. Mark A. Zupan

Benefactors Circle – $5,000 – $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Briggs
Diggs Family Foundation
L. Ruth Kohler Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce McLear
Richard and Vicki Schwartz Family Advised Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Smith

Scholars Circle – $1,250 – $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Baron
Mr. and Mrs. Jim I. Benjamin
Mrs. Paula Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. James Budd
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Casion
Charter Oak Financial Consultants, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. P J. Clark
Mr. Alan Cohen and Ms. Nancy Bloom
Dollar General Literacy Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Frame
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Frame
Mr. and Mrs. James Fulmer
Mr. and Mrs. Conger W. Gabel
Mrs. Wren Gabel
Dr. Omar Hanuch and Dr. Andrea Sandoz-Hanuch
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kimmet
Mr. Jon B. McNally and Mrs. Susan Parkes McNally
Mr. James E. Morris
Ms. Nannette Nocon
Dr. William O’Malley and Dr. Karen Jaranowski
Ms. Katharine S. Parsons
Dr. Terry Platt and Dr. Dianne Edgar
The Rochester Female Charitable Society
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Townsend
Ms. Helen Wiley and Hon. Marian Payson
Mr. Peter Willsea and Ms. Deborah Willsea
Ms. Ann G. T. Young

Program Circle – $400 – $1,249
AT&T United Way/Employee Giving Campaign
Dr. Adra S. Baca
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Baldo
Mrs. Abigail Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bonfiglio
Mr. Andrew Brown
Mr. William P. Burleigh, Jr.
Cameros Family Lead Trust
Cobblestone Creek Charity Guild
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Curran
Mr. Timothy DeNatale and Ms. Josanne DeNatale
Mr. Don Densmore and Mrs. Jessica Densmore
Mr. and Mrs. David Dworkin
Mr. Joseph Ellis and Dr. Deborah Kerley
Mr. Richard Finkelstein and Ms. Meredith Fox
Mr. Raymond Fiorini and Ms. Gail Fiorini
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Fitzgerald, Jr.
Dr. Jonathan Gabel
Mr. Joshua E. Gewolb
Mr. Ward J. Ghory and Mrs. Anne Ghory-Goodman
Dr. Jonathan Gross and Ms. Laura Gross
Mrs. Katherine Jacus
Mr. and Mrs. Hassan Jones
Kearns Family Foundation
Dr. Victoria Korth
Dr. and Mrs. Sanford J. Mayer
Helen Gladys Ritter Mohr Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moon
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Nance
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard P. Olivieri
Mrs. Donna C. Osborne
Ms. Ann M. Pennella and Mr. David A. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Luis A. Perez
Ms. Melinda Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Perez
Ms. Paulette Reddick
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Snell
Dr. Andrew Stern and Mrs. Melissa McGrain
Mr. Jay Stetzer and Ms. Maura Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stiles
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Sykes
Mr. Samuel Tilton and Ms. Mimi F. Tilton
Sam Trapani
United Way of The Southern Tier
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Williams
Mr. Daniel P. Yeoman ’00

Classroom Circle – $150 – $399
Ms. Joan After
Dr. and Mrs. Edward C. Atwater
Mr. and Mrs. James Barclay
Ms. Sara Berger and Ms. Virginia Tucker
Ms. Sheree Bodary
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. John Carver
Mr. Steven Doane and Ms. Rosemary Elliott
Mr. E. Ray Dorsey and Ms. Zena Shuber Dorsey
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Downey
Mr. Richard J. Babin and Ms. Jo A. Eaton
Dr. Clifford R. Everett and Ms. Rita M. Adler-Everett
Dr. Charles D. Fallon
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Fiorica
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox
Ms. Katherine Gabel
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Goodwin
Dr. Samuel Hampton
Mr. David Hoffberg
Mr. Willam M. Hughes
Mr. Robert Kern
Dr. Stan Orbach and Mrs. Linda S. Kingsley
Dr. Neal Levitt
Ms. Leslie E. Maracle
Mr. Frank Sherman and Ms. Valerie Myntti
Mrs. Donna Noble
Mr. John Rodriguez and Ms. Nydia Padilla-Rodriguez
Mr. Gary W. Passero
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Price
Mrs. Moira Prister
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F. Reale
Dr. Eric Richard
Mr. Ron C. Schumaker
Mr. Daniel Singal and Dr. Sarah Singal
Mr. and Mrs. David Stern, Esq.
Dr. and Mrs. James Syrett
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tepas
Dr. Jose Torre and Ms. Melissa Hall
Tru Salon, Inc.
Dr. Marguerite A. Urban and Dr. Linda L. Spillane
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wagner
Mr. Bartlett White and Dr. Emma Ciafaloni
Mr. Douglas H. Williams

Study Circle – UP TO $149
Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bakel
Dr. Richard Barbano and Dr. Julie Fudge
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Barbato
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Barrett
Ms. Roxanne Barrett
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Bates
Ms. Kaitlin Bates
Ms. Patsy Beers
Mr. and Mrs. Winston Beers
Mr. Bryan Bond
Ms. Margaret Booker
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Braitsch
Ms. Beverly Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Bruner
Mr. Richard Burgess
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Burkey
Dr. Michael Nazar and Ms. Catherine Callery
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher D. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cavallaro
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cinquino
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Clarke
Ms. Anne L. Cline
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Conners
Ms. Patricia Corcoran
Ms. Joann N. Cortese
Ms. Julianne E. Crisante
Ms. Eileen Dabolt-Loveless
Mr. James L. D’Amanda ’05
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Davis
Mr. Stewart D. Davis
Ms. Juana Delacruz
Mr. Robert Dolan and Ms. Paula Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Duerr, Jr.
Mr. Jonathan Eberts
Mr. and Mrs. Adolph M. Edwards
Ms. Linda P. Epstein
Ms. Caitlin M. Frame
Mr. and Mrs. Duncan M. Frame
Ms. Sandra Frankel
Mr. Lawrence Frye and Ms. Robin Damrad Frye
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gabel
Ms. Carolyn Gabel-Brett
Rev. and Mrs. Richard Gilbert
Ms. Cynthia Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grant
The Harley School
Ms. Floyanne Henegerer
Ms. Diana Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Hopkins
Ms. Ashley M. Hughes
Ibero American Action League, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Kimmet
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kindig
Ms. Shirley King
Mrs. Laura Klibanoff
Mr. Richard Joint and Ms. Heidi Knickerbocker
Ms. Sonja B. Kreckel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Krieger
Ms. Nancy Kurowski
Mrs. Barbara Kutner
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. LaMere
Ms. Jessica LaMere
Dr. Brad Landsman and Ms. Loretta Petralis
Dr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Lange
Mr. and Mrs. K. P. LaRue
Mr. Jonathan LaRue
R.A. Lund
Dr. and Mrs. Donald A. Macdonald, Jr.
Mr. Anthony Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy K. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mancuso
Ms. Charlotte Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. Louis L. Massaro
Ms. Elizabeth A. McDonald ’01
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLear
Ms. Claire Miles
Ms. Lois Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Mooney
Mr. Dean Moore and Mrs. Deborah Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Moss
Ms. Madelynn J. Mueller
Ms. Emily Neece
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Niblack
Ms. Sara L. Oberman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Obourn
Mr. Victor Ortiz
Mr. and Mrs. Abel Perez Pherett
Mr. and Mrs. Gil Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Popivchak
Mr. Douglas Pratt
Mr. Bradley Prozeller
Mrs. Beverly A. Pullis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Ralph
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. John Rick
Mr. Thomas Riley and Ms. Barbara Kelley
Ms. Sonia Rivera
Mrs. Carli Rivers
Hon. Joseph Robach
Ms. Tammy S. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Ryan
Ms. Karen Saludo and Mr. Dennis Drew
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Schick
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard M. Schiffhauer
Mr. Shane Schiffhauer
Ms. Elizabeth Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Silver
Mr. Rajesh Singaravelu
Ms. Beverly A. Smith
Mr. Clifford W. Smith and Dr. Bernie Todd Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Soanes
Ms. Lydia Sosa-Perez
Mr. Thomas S. Squire and Ms. Martha Squire
Dr. and Mrs. Adam Stetzer
Mr. James P. Terwilliger
Ms. Pauline E. Tinsley
Mr. and Mrs. John Turiano
Ms. Judith VanHouten
Mr. Damian Vicary and Mrs. Jayne Mallwitz-Vicary
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Kjell Westin
Ms. Marie Whitbeck
Ms. Susan White
Ms. Christine Wickert
Mr. Paul Willsea and Ms. Carol O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wood
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wood
Ms. Lindsay Worner
Mrs. Rebecca Wortman
Mr. and Mrs. Van G. Young