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Horizons at Harley 2014
program dates to be posted soon.

Fall Art Academy featuring Harley teachers offered to Horizons at Harley graduates on Saturdays in November.


Lead by Harley teachers Lyn Parsons (pottery), Nick Cohn (glass blowing), and Mike Gaffney (photography), the Horizons Saturday Art Academy at Harley for graduates of the Horizons program serves students in grades nine through twelve. Followed by lunch and an informational session, the topic for this three-week offering will be “College Access and Completion – How to Prepare in the High School Years”. Weekly presenters include Josanne DeNatale, a Harley parent and VP of Cognitive Marketing and Vendy Clark, a retired long-time school administrator. Both Denatale and Clark are members of the Horizons at Harley Advisory Board.

Horizons at Harley is now also a United Way Agency

After many years as a Donor Option agency, Horizons at Harley, as part of a funding proposal submitted by the Greater Rochester Summer Learning Association (GRSLA/ in response to the recently completed United Way Blueprint for Change, is now also a United Way agency. Under their area of focus Preparing Kids for Success, utilizing the strategy of Summer Learning and Enrichment, the United Way is looking to ensure that: students will have increased school attendance, improved academic performance, regular attendance in out-of-school-time programs, and increased social-emotional and physical wellness.

Happy Anniversary Horizons at Harley!

20 years ago The Harley School became one of the first affiliates to what has now become Horizons National. As the premier community outreach program of The Harley School, two decades later, the high-quality summer enrichment program serving low-income RCSD students has provided over 1200 scholarships to students who return year-to-year an average of five years. The program has graduated 91 rising ninth graders through summer 2013, of which almost 90% graduate from high school on time, and close to 75% go on to higher education. The success of the program has served as a catalyst to multiplying the program locally with Horizons National affiliate programs now on the campuses of the U of R, MCC, and Nazareth College.

McLear Family Endowment

The Horizons Student Enrichment Program at Harley is a program the McLear family truly believes is making a difference in children’s lives. We are excited to announce that the McLears recently established an endowment fund to provide a minimum of two scholarships per year, as well as a small financial cushion should the program ever be in need of assistance. The endowment seemed a natural step for the family, who have a tradition of choosing a charity to give to in each others’ names in lieu of gifts each year. The board of the McLear Family Endowment is comprised of Eleanor McLear, a long-standing member of the Horizons at Harley advisory board and current co-chair; Eleanor’s husband, Bruce McLear; and their sons Rob McLear, Harley ’88 graduate, and Gavin McLear, Harley ’93 graduate.

Horizons National Recognizes Horizons at Harley

At their recent affiliate conference in Connecticut, Horizons National presented Luis A. Perez the Horizons Leadership Award given annually to an Executive Director for exemplary leadership.

During the conference the Horizons at Harley program was also highlighted for successfully completing the Horizons National certification process last summer.