News & Events

Important Dates
June 30th – August 8th
Program runs

Friday June 20th, 6:00pm-7:30pm
National Summer Learning Day
& Horizons 2014 Official Kick-off Picnic

Tuesday July 15th & Thursday July 24th
Official Program Visit Day

Tuesday July 29th
Horizons/Community Reading Day & Book Fair

Tuesday August 5th
Health/Harvest & Field Day with Garden Closing

Thursday August 7th, 1:00pm
Closing Ceremonies & Graduation Assembly


Pandora Brinkley’s Testimony at the Horizons Official Kick-off Picnic
  “I have four children who have participated in the Horizons program and quite a few nieces and nephews who have also attended…What the Horizons Program has meant to me. First and foremost: it has given me peace of mind knowing that as the school year ends the worry and stress associated with finding someplace and something safe, constructive, educational, and fun for my children to do is not an issue for our family…The teachers are wonderful, genuine, caring and truly engaged in the children and the program. The curriculum is exciting and holds the interest of the children. I know this because when I pick my children up they always have a story to share about their day. My children love working in the garden, swimming and of course pizza Friday’s. I love the enrichment and the books because they keep my children on track for school. I could go on but I will close by saying that Horizons is the family that has become a part of our family and I am truly thankful for the opportunities it has offered and continues to offer my children and our family.”

Middle Schoolers Choose Exciting Expeditions!
  This summer we are excited to offer many expeditions to our Middle School to extend their learning beyond the classroom. Students will have the option to choose between great opportunities including, but not limited to, Memorial Art Gallery Docent Training, Rowing, Financial Literacy, Music and Video Production, Conflict Resolution Training, Tennis, EquiCenter Experience, and Zumba. Middle School students are able to choose the expeditions that most interest them and explore new areas of learning this summer

The RULER Approach to Social and Emotional Literacy

 Through Project “RULE Yourself” we intend to give 5th-8th grade students practical skills and tools of conflict resolution with a complimentary social and emotional literacy component that teaches them to more readily identify, articulate, and form strategies to address the emotional states in which they find themselves. The RULER approach helps students find language to Recognize, Understand, Label, Express, and Regulate their feelings. This approach to social and emotional literacy has been found to have extremely positive outcomes in teachers’ well-being and commitment, more positive and supportive teacher-student relationships, and a warmer, more learning-conducive classroom environment. Horizons at Harley will implement the RULER approach in our teaching for a proposed two consecutive summers.
In the words of Publilius Syrus, “Rule your feelings, lest your feelings rule you” (1st Century BCE)

Exploring College and Career

 Once again this summer at Horizons at Harley, the rising 9th grade class will have the opportunity to explore career ideas and begin thinking about college at the “Discover at Fisher” week in late July at St. John Fisher College! Fisher has invited Horizons at Harley students to participate in workshops focused on Nursing, Pharmacy, Education, Business, and Science and Technology, while allowing students to conduct college prep exercises and learn more about nutrition. Participants will also be guests at the Buffalo Bills hospitality tent and watch practice. THANK YOU SJFC!

NYS Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Recognizes Horizons at Harley

 New York State Senator Kirsten Gillibrand recognized Horizons at Harley’s 20 year commitment to helping low income students in the City of Rochester in a letter this past March: “The Horizons at Harley program is instrumental in closing the achievement gap for low income students in Rochester. I commend this organization’s commitment to supporting those in need, while providing a level of leadership and service that is indispensable to our state and nation” –Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. Horizons at Harley is honored to have the Senator’s support for our program and mission.

Happy Anniversary Horizons at Harley!

20 years ago The Harley School became one of the first affiliates to what has now become Horizons National. As the premier community outreach program of The Harley School, two decades later, the high-quality summer enrichment program serving low-income RCSD students has provided over 1200 scholarships to students who return year-to-year an average of five years. The program has graduated 91 rising ninth graders through summer 2013, of which almost 90% graduate from high school on time, and close to 75% go on to higher education. The success of the program has served as a catalyst to multiplying the program locally with Horizons National affiliate programs now on the campuses of the U of R, MCC, and Nazareth College.